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Forest Spirit "Medi"
Unit thumbnail 100681311.png Data ID 100681311 Max Lv 1
Element Earth.png Earth Rarity 1★
Race Race thumbnail spirit.png Spirit Max Rarity 1★
CV: Yoshie Saitou
Unit detail 100681311.png
Star yellow.png
Limit Break
LB 0
Unit thumbnail 100681311.png
Total LB EXP: 0
Note: Unit LB Stones can be substituted by duplicate units of any rarity.
Unit thumbnail 100681311.png
How to Obtain
  • The Path to Earth (all quests)
  • Invitation to Evolution (all quests)
  • Forest Spirit "Medi" is an evolution material unit, and therefore cannot be placed in a party.
  • In the Shrine, its name is Wood Fairy "Medy". This is most likely due to an automatic translation of the original Japanese text.
Unit Lore
A fairy born of Earth, one of the five elements which make up Raktehelm. It is said that they like to live in the depths of forests. They are very laid-back, and adventurers who listen to their calm voices feel intense drowsiness. When they awaken, the Medi have disappeared, so for a long time, people thought they were illusions that the forest showed them. The purified Earth contained in their bodies makes it possible to release the hidden power of the heroic spirit.